Features and benefits that help your staff

features and benefitsIn the ever-changing world of funding for schools and the limits placed on technology, you may ask yourself, why should I choose Support Desk over what I am currently using?  Here are some features and benefits explaining why.  If you use paper forms, email or even one of the commercial software packages to manage your support staff work requests, Support Desk is a huge step towards improving the efficiency of your IT and maintenance departments.  It packs a punch when it comes to delivering information to your technicians and maintenance workers.  Solve issues quicker by giving your staff more information.  Not only do you need a lot of information, but also you need it delivered in a way that is easy to access. The timesaving alone that Support Desk can deliver can be huge even if you use another commercial software package to manage your work requests.

Other software packages and services out there set their prices based on the number of technicians, number of locations or buildings you need to maintain, or the departments you want to manage.  With Support Desk, you get unlimited technicians and unlimited locations.  Support Desk even allows you to set up work order tracking for both your IT and maintenance departments, all for the same low price.

The base module set

Many of the commercial software packages that are out there charge separately for each of the modules of their system.    As its base module set, Support Desk gives you features and benefits such as fixed asset inventory tracking, work request ticket tracking and software license tracking and management.  These modules work best together to give your technicians an edge when working to keep your equipment at maximum uptime.   This can save you huge amounts of money while giving you more bang for your buck.

Other features and benefits

Due to its modular construction, Support Desk is not limited to only a few features.  Purchasing other modules will expand the capabilities of the system to make your team even more efficient.  Get weekly audits of your computers with the Systems Auditing module, manage trainings and courses with the Training module, get full management of your districts 1:1 equipment initiative with the 1:1 Initiative module, and more.  With all of these features and benefits, you owe it to yourself to try this out.

Uptime guarantee

At PHP Web Scripting our customers satisfaction is our main focus. We strive to keep our customers going 100%, but as with anything, occasionally unforeseen problems can occur. Even with that we still guarantee a service uptime of 99.99%.