Modules – information and options

Modules - Support Desk logoSupport Desk is a suite of tools used for operations management. It is built on a modular framework designed by PHP Web Scripting LLC. Because of this you only purchase the modules that you need now. You can expand your setup in the future based on your district's changing needs. Support Desk is designed to give your support staff the most information to complete tickets as fast as possible. The modules of Support Desk work together and share information with each other. By adding other modules, the amount of information delivered to your staff for a given task increases. This gives them a stronger edge increasing their efficiency.

Base module set

At PHP Web Scripting, LLC I have put together a set of three modules that work best together. These three modules give you superior functionality at a low cost and give you a good foundation to get you going.

The first of these three modules is the asset inventory module. Many of the other modules rely on the asset inventory to track equipment information. It is also used to build informational histories through the life cycle of your assets.

Next is the work order tracking module. This module manages all of your districts trouble tickets. Set up multiple departments to track tickets for both your IT department and your maintenance department. It's as if you have multiple ticket tracking systems for the cost of one.

The last of the three modules is the software license tracking module. Individual licenses, campus site licenses, and building level limited quantity licenses can all be tracked.

Add-on modules

Other modules can be added on to your Support Desk account to give it and your team more power. Does your district run a 1:1 initiative? Let support desk manage it with it's 1:1 module. Get information about the computers on your network with the Systems Module. Read about the advantages our other modules can provide for your district. See the modules menu for more details.

Software Demo

Want to take a look at the software?  Click here to fill out our request form to let us know and we'll send you a login to the demo site.  The login will be an administrative login allowing you access to the majority of the applications functions and giving you a chance to browse our easy to use interface.