1:1 initiative 1-to-1 management

1:1 initiativeWhen running a 1:1 initiative, good management of the devices being used in the program is a key factor. 1:1 initiatives mean managing large numbers of devices. Your program's technology support staff need a good way to manage the many aspects of what a 1:1 initiative throws at them to reduce equipment down time. Be it laptops, chromebooks or tablets, the support desk suite has one of the only 1:1 learning initiative management packages on the market.

Why Support Desk is the best choice for your 1:1 initiative program

The 1:1 initiative module of Support Desk was built by someone who has worked at a school district where a 1:1 initiative program has been in place for a number of years.  We know the difficulties that a district managing a 1:1 initiative has because we have lived through it. The module has been built around what has worked and what has not. Not all school districts run the same way. Support desk is continually evolving and improving it's software.  We ALWAYS listen to our customers and address all issues brought to our attention.

Different deployment and collection strategies have been tested over those years and we have found the fastest and most efficient methods for each. Support Desk fully manages student profiles, the devices they are issued and all activity and history having to do with the devices. When issues are logged, the student and parents are immediately notified for clear communication on what is happening.  When devices are collected, trouble tickets can be immediately generated.  You never have to navigate away from your collection  screen to get those tickets entered.  The process is smooth, seamless and incredibly fast.

The power of the 1:1 initiative management module

1:1 initiative benefits

 The Support Desk 1:1 initiative module has all the power your learning initiative needs:

  • Manages students and staff that participate in the initiative.
  • Manages device assignments for those students and staff.
  • Tracks problems related to the equipment that is part of your initiative.
  • Gives you access to work order history information. Track histories by device and user.
  • Track the roll out and check in of your equipment.
  • And much more

Problems with equipment are inevitable, and kids will be kids. Because of this, good tools are needed to manage it all. The Support Desk 1:1 initiative module can give your help desk the management edge it needs for your 1:1 program to succeed.  Check out this article from Tech & Learning called Tips to Manage a 1:1 Learning Initiative.  The Support Desk 1:1 initiative module covers all of the key areas for success listed in the article.