Asset inventory – Track your fixed assets

fixed asset inventorySupport Desk's asset inventory module is used to track the fixed assets that you own. It is what the majority of the other modules revolve around to track histories and other data. That is why Support Desk includes this as part of it's core suite of modules. Primary tracking is done through your districts fixed asset property tags. Support Desk can also keep track of an alternate media tag and as well as tracking equipment for special education equipment using Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA) property tags.

The asset inventory module keeps track of all aspects of your assets such as make, model, serial number, purchase order number, and a host of other data to give you the maximum amount of information about your assets when and where you need it. This module works together with many of the other modules in the system to provide accurate tracking of everything from work requests to software licenses. When used with the work order module, the asset inventory provides a way of tracking work order histories on your equipment.

No more slaving over a one by one data entry process that can take hours for large purchases. Adding assets to your inventory from large quantity purchases has never been easier. Using the asset inventory's batch entry process and a bar-code scanner, just apply your asset/property tags and large orders can be added to the inventory database in mere minutes.