Data export and reporting

data exportThe data export module is another one of the many core modules of the system. The data export module is used for exporting data and creating reports. All list views in the system contain an export data button at the bottom of the list.export data button This button is used to extract data from the database. Just perform a search query of the data in the list that you want and click the export data button. You can choose the format of the output data, such as CSV, Excel or PDF, as well as select the data fields that you want in the export. This makes creating reports from just about any part of the system quick and easy.

In addition to being able to create reports from any data list in the system, the data export module also includes some pre-built reports for more extensive data reporting. Below is a sample report from the data export export sample


If you want any type of custom reports generated, just send us the details using our contact form.  Let us know what you want in your report and we will do our best to generate that for you and put that report in your selectable reports list.