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Mauston Schools recommend
We have been using Support Desk software for the past six months and thoroughly enjoy how we are able to track tech (and maintenance) work requests from start to finish.  The system is very easy to use and requires no login for end users wanting to create a ticket.  In addition, it is web-based so it can be accessed from any computer in the world with an Internet connection.  The reporting features are excellent and the technical support provided by Dan Bemowski is second to none.  Further, Dan is very responsive to requests for changes in the software itself and has customized our software to meet our needs including a link to our internal web site.  It is very affordable and easy to use and I would highly recommend Support Desk to any school district wanting to gain control of their help desk/maintenance requests/tickets.

Rob Demeuse
Director of Instructional Technology
School District of Mauston

Stevens Point Schools recommend
I work in a school district that supports a 1:1 laptop initiative.  My role in my organization revolves around two important concepts: providing IT support for a middle school and support for our 1:1 program. In addition to needing a functioning work order system to organize, plan and execute my tickets on a daily basis, I needed software that would allow me to easily assign, distribute and collect student and staff laptops.  It has be user friendly for non-IT personnel to use to submit work requests.  It also has to give me the ability to document and retrieve details of maintenance of all our machines and my interactions with students.  My problem was that the software my district was using did not cater to all of these needs.

Support Desk was able to provide me with an all in one package that helped me manage both my tickets on a building level and the tools needed to support a 1:1 program.  Before I started to using this software, I was using one piece of software for my building tickets and another to manage the 1:1 aspect of my daily life.  It made no sense and it wasted valuable time.  Support Desk was able to tie both of these together for me.

The work order software we were using was functional but did not offer us exactly what we needed.  This began especially apparent once we went 1:1.  When our software contract was up for renewal, we took a step back and re-evaluated what key components we needed in a functional work order system.  This is when we decided to try Support Desk.

Support Desk helps me organize, plan and execute my tickets effectively.  Having a 1:1 initiative module built right in, really simplifies my daily routine.  Above all, it saves me time.   Navigating multiple software is cumbersome and complicates the documentation process.  I can spend more of my time actually helping students and in the building addressing technology issues.

Since my district went 1:1, we have faced many new challenges.  We are constantly learning and adapting.  Support Desk has provided us with a means to organize our IT department and face all of these challenges.  Given our success with it, I would definitely recommend it.

Aaron Sutton
Laptop Support Specialist
Stevens Point Area Public Schools


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